Add the iOS WebStack PGP public key to Cydia

For your security I advice you to add the PGP public key of the iOS WebStack repository.
(iOS Webstack public key ID 5D60E2F9 and Fingerprint 834D BFC9 2491 B2AD F53B 35BA A1BD AB33)

This can be done via the 'apt-key' command.

Download the PGP iOS Webstack public key

Install all the necessary APT tools from Cydia

Within Cydia you have to install following console tools:

  • APT 0.7 Strict
  • APT 0.7 (apt-key)
  • wget

Download and install the iOS WebStack public key

You must be logged in as root on your iDevice.

cd ~/
apt-key add
apt-get update


From now all iOS WebStack packages should show you the information 'This packages has been signed'.
In this case you can trust that the package is unchanged and original from iOS WebStack.

It looks like that the newest Cydia version doesn't show this information.
Please check it by your self with a package from the BigBoss repository.