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Zach Elwood, 01.02.2018 05:05
You guys think this would work on a first generation iPhone?
Yunushan Göksu, 26.11.2017 23:03
im usin 10.2 and i activate server from setttings but i cant reach the server from safari. any help please i cant use it
Patrick Bird, 25.02.2017 04:59
Hi Guys! I just wanna ask how to fix this:

"Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)"
0ldBone, 19.12.2017 16:12
Pete, 03.02.2017 22:18
Anyone tried using this on iOS 10? I have it working fine on iOS 8 but don't want to upgrade until I know for sure. Thanks
Nick, 08.12.2016 15:58
When I am running local php web server

and load my script I get this

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /private/var/mobile/

How can I solve this problem?

please any help!!!
fens, 15.07.2016 08:22
anybody knows how recompile php for ios 9.3?
Jasminreal0, 06.08.2016 04:20
iOS 9 install them cute cure
Robin, 17.06.2016 01:07
Can you provide a tutorial how to activate ssl coz fanboys hp seams to be down. http://www.mysqlfanboy.com/2011/11/simplified-mysql-ssl-connections
Robin, 22.08.2016 00:06
Just found a way: Internet achive waybackmachine
Konica, 09.04.2016 13:10
Where is the author?
Hector, 13.02.2016 19:58
Hi Guys any news about local server working on IOS 9.0.2 and 64 bits?
Alex, 11.03.2016 20:22
I don't think this repo got any new updates...
konica, 09.04.2016 13:09
I think so.
Florian Wyss, 14.11.2015 17:08
Note: "touch-lighttpd-php-mysql" (BigBoss repo) works partially on my iPad Air with iOS 9.0.2.
Mel, 20.11.2015 21:46
What's doesn't work?
I'm currently using the lighttpd from Saurik repo and Lighttpd settings from Wizardry and steam works along with my own lighttpd.conf file. Works well enough for me but I'd like to get back this full setup again
Florian Wyss, 21.11.2015 09:08
Yes, lighttpd from Saurik repo works also on my iPad Air (iOS 9.0.2). But PHP (In "touch-lighttpd-php-mysql") works only partially.
Mel, 23.11.2015 21:58
I'm now using lighted from Saurik with PHP56 (with OPcache) from WebStack repo. I haven't done any intensive testing but seems to be working properly.
I did have to change location of php-cgi in my lighted.conf file to /usr/local/bin/php-cgi
fens, 05.11.2015 07:23
I have a problem with mbstring extension on iOS 9 in cli mode:
iPhone:~ mobile$ php -v
dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: re-exported symbol 'unknown' not found for image libgcc_s.1.dylib expected re-exported in libSystem.B.dylib, node=0x3c2b632b
dyld: re-exported symbol 'unknown' not found for image libgcc_s.1.dylib expected re-exported in libSystem.B.dylib, node=0x3c2b632b
Trace/BPT trap: 5
iPhone:~ mobile$
killbee, 06.11.2015 04:57
I have the same situation on my iOS9 device.
Somebody can solve it?
Bert, 31.10.2015 15:55
I am not sure the guy who maintains this repo is around anymore. The contact email at the bottom is no longer a working email (j.anrugas@gmail.com). I am starting to wonder if any of these packages will ever be recompiled to work with 64 bit devices. It's a shame because this is the only repo with multiple versions of php. Also this is the only repo with updated versions of our favorite console extensions.....
Mel, 17.10.2015 01:21
Is this compatible with iOS 9?
I have it working on iOS 8.4 perfectly and don't want to lose my mobile server :)
Pete, 18.10.2015 15:55
Yes, me too. Let me know if I can upgrade safely.
Arnie, 20.10.2015 19:08
PHP extensions are broken in iOS9:
"can't map segments into 16KB pages"
bert renolds, 28.10.2015 14:37
Almost everything on this repo no longer works for 64-bit devices on IOS 9. They all need to be recompiled with -Wl,-segalign,4000. If using theos this needs to be added to the makefile XXX_LDFLAGS += -Wl,-segalign,4000. They also need the ldid entitlements...... Can the repo manager please recompile everything. I really need some of these console extensions to work!
Arnold, 29.10.2015 21:11
Really need this in OS9 64-bit. Please, please, pleeeeeeeease
Florian Wyss, 16.10.2015 19:20
OpenSSH and the WebServer do not work in iOS 9.
Seigneur, 11.08.2015 08:25
How to change IP address/localhost to another country IP? Is there a cydia app?
I would like to change IP to another country, can and will the install still work
if I change to another country and will Wordpress install work also after I change?
admin, 11.08.2015 14:50
You ask a short question about a very complex and individual topic.
To make it easy, try to config your DHCP server of your Wifi-Router to distribute IP addresses as you want.
The iOS-WebStack will work with individual IP addresses.

To find a good solution you should ask your question again in reddit (r/jailbreak) https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak
Abdul, 06.07.2015 15:30
I just installed your package and its great.Im no developer. Just someone who fiddled with wordpress enough and now Im just trying to have an offline version of my wordpress website on my ipad. After installing your 'one tap solution' i followed the instructions about adminer and after clicking execute now when i click on set password(assuming the Mysql test database and anonymous mysql user deleted) i get message access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'(using password:No).
i think at this point i just want to create a database and user so when installing wordpress i can connect to the database and migrate the site. Kindly assist.
admin, 08.07.2015 23:03
First: What iOS version do you use?

Yes, I have had a lot of permission trouble because the Taig Jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3+.
I updated the package 'mysql-atv' to version 7.1.73-1 just now.

The best way is to reinstall all iOS-Webstack packages (Attention: You will lose all your Mysql Data Base!).

To do that, first please install the packages 'SSH Connect' and 'APT 0.7 Strict' from Cydia.
After that please login in in your device and have a look on the site http://ios-webstack.tk/videos .
The first video shows you a complet reinstall of the iOS-Webstack packages and all dependencies.
The second video will show you the WordPress installation including the database handling.
Abdul, 14.11.2015 16:39
Thanks for the videos. Ive succeeded in removing and reinstalling the packages and even wordpress. However I got stuck further ahead though.Im using a plugin 'backupbuddy' to handle the migration/copying of live site to the mobile one. However i got stuck with a error. is_writable("/private/var/www/wordpress/") returns FALSE in PHP. how do i fix the permissions issue?
EnigmaFX, 15.05.2015 21:09
Hi I'm not sure why but ZNC 1.41 constantly disconnects "IPAD mini 2" I have it set up Fine ,I am pretty familiar with ZNC ,no issues whatsoever except for constant disconnects sometimes every 10 minutes sometimes every few hours? Any way to fix this
admin, 13.06.2015 21:43
If your iDevice is not connected to a USB charger, it will switch to the sleep mode after a few minutes. In this mode the wifi link will switch down -> ZNC lose the internet connection.

You can use 'Insomnia' from the BigBoss repo to prevent that behavior. It works fine on iOS 8.x

Giacomo , 23.04.2015 19:43
Hi there,

I need your help, please.
I've installed it and everything was smooth and working.
Now one question: how install Joomla, if it is possible?
Thanks for helping me.
admin, 29.04.2015 22:39
You could try the Joomla package from the iOS-WebStack repository.
Jason, 04.03.2015 02:14
Hi, could you please publish a tutorial about GCC compiling for IOS? I would like to update GNU builds (APT, APR..) and port some OSX packages to IOS (currently I am trying to build TCP_Wrapper).

I think it would be really beneficial, people could start pushing updates on the main cydia repo!

There are updated packages of GNU C and LD64 I am using at http://yangapp.googlecode.com/svn

Cheers Jay
admin, 05.03.2015 00:51
My GCC cross compile development environment based on Saurik's very old Telesphoreo chain ( http://svn.telesphoreo.org/trunk ).
The reason was to use his older main packages (scripts and source code) as templates for my modifications.

Here you can see my iOS SDK 3.0 GNU cross compiler setup:

My problem is that my setup based on the unfortunately no longer supported Ubuntu 8.04.4.
It must be Ubuntu 8.04.4. Because other Linux distro version does not have the needed old build tool versions for the telesphoreo build chain. Other and newer Linux distro version will just exasperate you!

Saurik's older Telesphoreo cross compiler chain scripts and Ubuntu 8.04.4 does not include/support all needed newer build tools to build source code projects from today :o(
I have a very long wish list but I can only build packages which have their origin in earlier times.

To cut a long story short: 'My build method is not recommended!'
What about 'Theos'? (I does't know it, but I saw a lot of it in the WWW.)

One more:
Please ask Saurik what he think about to update the main repo with up to date packages. And what he think about the way to do that (I assume that Saurik probably has the same problems like me).
Jay, 08.03.2015 02:42
I think you should check that link I posted earlier, you don't require anything but an iDevice. These toolchains run without the need for anything (exlcuding SDK's, which are automatically included in yanapps repo (ios 8.1), check out this wiki which compares, suriks toolchain to the newer builds, (http://iphonedevwiki.net/index.php/On-device_toolchains). This is why surik has not updated toolchains, because others already have.

I hope this helps :)

Darwin cctools http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/debs2.0/cctools_855.deb

iphone-gcc http://yangapp.googlecode.com/svn/debs/iphone-gcc_4.2-20080604-1-8p_iphoneos-arm.deb

sdk headers (8.1) http://yangapp.googlecode.com/svn/debs/header_2.1_iphoneos-arm.deb

ld-arm (64) http://yangapp.googlecode.com/svn/debs/ld-arm_286-8p_iphoneos-arm.deb
admin, 08.03.2015 19:49
Note: I use my cross compile toolchain just to build iOS system tools. I use it not for tweaks or GUI apps.

Thanks for the compare link.
An iOS device based toolchain is great to build small projects.
But for a large open source project (including also packaging) you need eg. latest autoconf, automake, ruby, python, perl, bison, yacc, mercurial, ton of libraries, etc. After the build you have to do a lot of things to create a well running cydia package without dependency problems.
I don't have time to build all of the needed tools by myself. Sure, you will get all of them from separate cydia repos. But if you need all of that tools you will get an irresolvable dependence problem!

In my case I use Sauriks package build scripts from his Telesphoreo trunk (not to be confused with Sauriks toolchain) on an Ubuntu VM. This is more bad than good. But it have all needed tools and it works for my own projects. That is also the reason why my packages can replace Saurik's packages without any problem.

Today, you can't compare a jailbroken iOS device (depends on a ton of independent and self managed repos) with a Linux based development PC.
That is the current problem: Cydia is not like Debian :o(
But we will see what is happend in the future...

Saurik's main repo is full of very old shit from 2008...but you need the main repo and you have to handle with it :o(
Cydia is too large for just one person. Cydia needs more then only one maintainer for the main repo!
The iOS jailbreak developer community is so large. But there is no system to have a same maintainer solution like the Debian software distribution. There are to mutch alone solutions like my repo.
It looks like that Saurik is not be able or does not want to change this situation. Or he does not see it.

P.S. My development device (AppleTV-2) is quit old, very slow and have only 256 MByte of RAM (you can't build MySQL with an AppleTV-2, the build process breaks regarding memory usage).
My iPad2/iPad4 are only clean package test devices.
Donh, 23.02.2015 11:13
I have the same issue with MySQL like Ben. Can you help review the guide page and share simple approach with default password for root account. Thanks for doing this for amateur like me.
admin, 23.02.2015 19:30
What kind of jailbreak tool do you used: 'TaiG' or 'PP Ghost'?

Following doing is only for 'PP Ghost' jailbroken iOS devices:
-> Add group write permission for 'daemon' of the folder /var/run
1) SSH login in your iOS device as 'root'
2) Change owner group from 'mobile' to 'daemon' -> 'chown :daemon /var/run'
2) Add write permission for owner group -> 'chmod g+w /var/run'
3) watch the video http://ios-webstack.tk/own_movies/MySQL_Ben.mp4 (for you all after timestamp 2:45' )

Let me know what is happend.
Dond, 24.02.2015 09:20
I just need to do item 2 and 3 then everything's now OK. I used PP Ghost to jailbreak my device. Thank you alot for your helps.
Ben, 12.02.2015 16:56
I'm installing this correctly, localhost is working fine but when I follow the link on the localhost/index.html I am sent to Adminer with the error message 'connection refused' - whichever order I click the links...

I then tried installing phpmyadmin but can't login to that either with my root and password... I may be missing something small but I just want to run a simple wordpress website from the iPad...

Any help is appreciated.
admin, 23.02.2015 22:35
... The admin has cut this very long conversation...
admin, 23.02.2015 23:04
...To cut a long story short, it looks like that the 'PP Ghost' jailbreak tool use unusual permission settings of the folder /var/run .

All known jailbreak tools set the permission of the folder /var/run to
'drwxrwxr-x root:daemon'
However, after a 'PP Ghost' jailbreak you will get following permission:
'drwxr-xr-x mobile:mobile'

My MySQL daemon is run as daemon:daemon . Hence in a 'PP Ghost' case it can't write to the folder /var/run.

To fix the 'PP Ghost' problem you have a choice between 3 options.

1) Add write permission of group 'daemon' of the folder /var/run
For this, please use following commands:
chown :daemon /var/run
chmod g+w /var/run

2) Add write permission to all other users/groups of the folder /var/run
For this, please use following command:
chmod o+w /var/run

3) Instead of MySQL you can try to use an SQLite3 database.

You could change the permissions of your /var/run folder but it is not a good idea to do some thing without to know why the permissions of /var/run are on mobile:mobile :-(
It is up to you which solution do you prefer.
admin, 07.01.2015 02:47
New packages Netatalk 3.x are released.

Package 'Netatalk 3.x' for touch devices and ATV2.
Package 'Netatalk 3.x Switch' just for touch devices.
Brendan, 06.02.2015 13:36
Will Netatalk 3 work on ios6 or should I keep using the old version from Cydia?
admin, 09.02.2015 12:42
It should be working with all iOS version >= 3.0
admin, 30.11.2014 14:50
Jailbroken iOS Devices are not safe anyway!

Keep in mind: Your iOS device is jailbreakable because there are a lot of security holes inside your very new iOS software.
Keep in mind: Most of Sauriks Cydia system (network) tools based on very old and no updated software by 2009.

If you are go online now with a jailbroken iOS device and you are using the (most times very very) old system tools from the main Cydia repo then your device is vulnerable and it could be possible that everyone inside your (local) network is be able to hack your device very easy.
Hacker and a lot of governments (US, China, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada etc.) are be lucky to have a view inside of your jailbroken iOS device.

Two example:
1) With a jailbroken iDevice it could be that your government do follwing:

2) Sauriks APT update packages 0.7.25 are from 2009 (current version is around 1.0.9).
Perfect for a Man-in-the-middle attack. Totalitarian governments will love that old packages.
See: http://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-23/product_id-17236/year-2014/Debian-APT.html

That is the reason why you should try to use always the newest version of most of the system tools with network connection. But you will don't get them from Sauriks main repo :-(

The main problem is: There is no centrally administered and maintained distribution for cydia system packages.
It's not Debian, it's just Cydia ;-)

My repo is distributing the up to date and unchanged version of some (but not all) of these packages (OpenSSL, OpenSSH, wget, cURL, GnuPG, ...)

In order to protect my accounts, my contacts and my money I'm not jailbrake my iPhone! Just my Apple TV and my development iPad. Both are isolated.

Rohan, 30.11.2014 22:54
Thankyou sooo much! Thats a lot of info :)

Im scared now :x
I shall update from your repo.
I wish I could understand all those networking concepts! So that I can protect myself.
admin, 01.12.2014 00:22
You don't know what is insider in all of the cydia apps/tweaks.
You can't trust mine or any other cydia repo, but you can try it.
The angelXwind cydia repo mirrors my packages as well. So you can trust me a little bit :o)

Don't be paranoid. Be carefully and share your knowledge with your friends.

admin, 04.12.2014 10:49
Saurik has updated his packages of OpenSSH and OpenSSL today.
Rohan, 04.12.2014 20:35
Hehe maybe he read our conversation ;)

Could I ask you another doubt related to networking?
If you are free to answer.
Rohan, 29.11.2014 15:04
I started the server. Im on 3G. I googled "whats my ip" to get my ip address. Now when I enter this IP into my PC's browser I should get the lighthtppd index.html right? But the server fails to respond.
Why is this happening? The index page is shown on my iphone, so the server is running and it should be accessible from Anywhere :(
Please help.
Thankyou :)
admin, 29.11.2014 23:44
Because on 3G you have a privat IP and a public IP.
To connect to your Lighttpd server you need your privat IP.

"Whats my IP" shows you your public IP. Not your privat IP inside your ISP network.
Between your iPhone and the internet there is an ISP NAT-Router. You just see the NAT-Router IP with "Whats my IP".

Be happy to have this behavior. Otherwise your government, NSA, GCHQ, hacker, etc. would be happy to have a very easy network connection to your iPhone. (Btw: your jailbroken iPhone is not safe anyway!)
Rohan, 30.11.2014 12:34
So there is no way to host a web server using 3G ?
I know about port forwarding and network address translation.
Have done it with my wifi router, accessing its configuration page etc.
But was not aware that even in case of 3G we have public and private IPs.
Anyway to use lighthttpd using 3G?

Thankyou for replying :))
Rohan, 30.11.2014 12:47
Also why do you say my jailbroken iPhone is not safe ?
I hope you dont mind me asking :D
But im very interested in learning about security and threats!
Rohan, 30.11.2014 13:31
I think I understood why I can't use lighthttpd on 3G.
For that I would have to configure the ISP's NAT table to port forward to my server correct? Which is not possible...
Hurray :) I understood thankyou sooooo much.

However if you have time please do explain me why is my jailbroken iphone not safe.
Tony S, 24.11.2014 17:07
I installed this and it almost works perfect!

I say almost, the pages load, the graphisc loads but the server doesn't run my CSS :( I know the site works as I have it hosted on my "real" server but just cannot get the CSS file to load on this one.

Do you know a fix for this?
admin, 24.11.2014 18:00
Please check your lighttpd config file ( /etc/lighttpd-atv.conf ).

Do you have following in the mimetype.assign section ?

".css" => "text/css",

You will get more information here: http://redmine.lighttpd.net/projects/lighttpd/wiki
Jay, 24.11.2014 03:31
Hello, the repo has no packages listed, apt-get update shows no errors.
Tao, 08.11.2014 17:23

Once installed, I follow the links on the "Yeah, it works!" page, but it gives me the login page on Adminer with a "No such file or directory". I can't log into Adminer at all.

I'm running on an iPod Touch 1st gen, 3.1.3.

admin, 09.11.2014 19:12
Please give me a bit more information:
1) What package do you have installed (ios- atv- or touch-lighttpd-php-mysql) ?
2) Did you got errors during the installation?
3) How many and what files are in the folder /var/www ?
Tao, 12.11.2014 02:13
It was ios-lighttpd-php-mysql. Got it working now, maybe should've tried the touch version. I'll write up my process if anyone should be running an old setup like mine and encountering the same issues.

It crashed when I first tried to install it, when it got to atv-mysql I belive, told me to run dpkg --configure -a. I did and installed the package again. I came here, then tried removing and reinstalling it a couple times, didn't work.

I restored my OS and jailbreak, totally clean system, did the dkpg --configure -a before installing the package, and it seemed to work.

Went to start the server in Settings, but Settings could not open, crashed every time. Googled around and found that disabling PreferenceLoader with SBSettings did the trick.

Lighttpd MySQL wasn't visible in Settings though, until I installed another tweak that would show up there (like Activator).

But now it works perfectly! Thanks for an awesome package.
Neo, 12.11.2015 07:20
Hi Tao,
I met your error "No such file or directory" also, under "ios-lighttpd-php-mysql".
may I have your advise how to resolve it? Thanks in advance.
Neo, 12.11.2015 07:29
Hi Tao, I am submitting following info. in Adminer page.
System: MySQL
Server:localhost or the iphone's IP
Username: root <-----the iphone's root account
Password: xxxxxxx <----the root account's pwd
Database: db01 <----new DB name
ralph, 25.09.2014 17:37
I will start by saying this is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen.

I just have a little problem, I would like to downgrade php to 5.2

And I just today started messing with jail broke.
admin, 28.09.2014 13:27
The structure of my iOS-Webstack package does not allow a parallel installation of Saurik's older PHP 5.2

The reason are that the original cydia package PHP 5.2 from Saurik does not include all needed extensions like GD or MySQL.

If your PHP project don't work with my PHP 5.3 or with PHP 5.4 I can't help you.

Sorry for that
Peter, 20.08.2014 02:21
ownCloud Hint:

If your iOS device got dynamic IP addresses from different wireless access points check this out:
Edit following file /var/www/owncloud/config/config.php and change trusted_domains to

'trusted_domains' =>
array (
# 0 => 'localhost',

or to

'trusted_domains' =>
array (

From now the IP address of your iOS device doesn't matter anymore.
STANG, 24.07.2014 16:45
140724 20:41:48 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/mysql
140724 20:41:48 [Warning] Can't create test file /var/mysql/iPhone-5-of-Thanaphol-Nantakset.lower-test
140724 20:41:48 [Warning] Can't create test file /var/mysql/iPhone-5-of-Thanaphol-Nantakset.lower-test
/usr/local/libexec/mysqld: Can't change dir to '/var/mysql/' (Errcode: 2)
140724 20:41:48 [ERROR] Aborting

140724 20:41:48 [Note] /usr/local/libexec/mysqld: Shutdown complete

140724 20:41:48 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/run/mysql.pid ended

how to ???????
admin, 24.07.2014 18:48
A little bit less information...

1) What packages are installed? Just only mysql-atv or the whole ios-lighttpd-php-mysql or touch-lighttpd-php-mysql?
2) Is that the output from a package install script?
3) Is that the output from a ssh-console command (if yes which user root or mobile)?
4) What did you type in before?
Yuelong Gong, 02.05.2014 21:56
Hello, I Can't add source on my iPad.
It says,"Failed to fetch http://ios-webstack.tk/cydia/./Packages.gz" Sub-progcess gzip received a segmentation fault".
What's wrong?
please fix it soon,THX
admin, 17.02.2014 21:23
For your information:
As from now iOS-Webstack.tk offer the original ModMyi.com package 'Erica Utilities 0.4.2'
Lance, 16.02.2014 14:33
I'm have a really hard time. I've followed all instructions on every site I could find. I have everything installed correctly I think. All SSH commands working. But when I try to load the default index.html by typing in ATV2 ip address, I always get a blank page saying:

Path command: '' unrecognized

I also get the same error when I curl ip from terminal.

Can anyone please help me fix this? What am I doing wrong?

My config file looks like this:
Edit: admin removed this lines...
admin, 16.02.2014 17:06
Please check your logfiles in /var/log and /var/log/lighttpd

You told us that you installed everything correctly.
Did you install all needed and dependent packages separately? With all configuration files and access rights?

With an ATV2 you will get a well working WebStack with just one command:

apt-get install atv-lighttpd-php-mysql

In this way all required packages will be installed and configured correctly.
Please see http://ios-webstack.tk/install
Kevin Radosevic, 03.06.2014 03:08
Lance, if you have that problem "Path command: '' unrecognized" when you open APTV local ip in browser, and you have firecore, go to Maintance and disable AirControl (beta) then reboot your APTV and you have fixed that.
Han, JiHoon, 10.02.2014 07:36
phpext : core, ereg, libxml, zlib, fileinfo, bz2, simplexml, soap, xml, xmlreader, xmlwriter, cgi-fcgi, iconv, mbstring, curl, sqlite3, pdo_sqlite, mysqlnd, mysqli, mysql, pdo_mysql, exif, gd, zip, openssl, mcrypt, xsl, phar, calendar

I think they works well :)
Han, JiHoon, 10.02.2014 07:38
P.S. Tested with XpressEngine.
A. G. Kozak, 13.01.2014 02:11
I've got the package installed -- it looks great!

The signature doesn't seem to be checking out, though. I followed your instructions and the key I imported is

pub 2048R/5D60E2F9 2013-05-28
uid iOS WebStack
sub 2048R/0E4D302A 2013-05-28

But when starting Cydia or running apt-get update I get
W: GPG error: http://ios-webstack.tk ./ Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG A1BDAB335D60E2F9 iOS WebStack

Any ideas? Thanks.
admin, 13.01.2014 04:17
There is no threat! It was my fault :-(

I changed the cydia project slogan from 'One Click Solution' to 'One Tap Solution' but I forgot to sign the changed file.

Thank you so much for the hint.
Han, JiHoon, 10.01.2014 13:00
Can I install eaccelerator with this?
I modified phpize file and it worked, but after ./configure, there wasn't any make file.
admin, 10.01.2014 20:20
I never cross compiled a none bundled PECL php extension. Sorry.
I think you have to adjust the iOS CrossCompiler makefile to use the makefile in the eaccelerator ext folder.
But if you plan to use a PHP accelerator/optimizer functionality, you can use my PHP55 package. It includes the Zend Optimizer+ OPcache extension.

You can replace PHP54 with PHP55 without conflicts.
You have to load the extension in e.g. /etc/php.d/NameOfYourExtensionLoadIni.ini

Please see http://php.net/manual/en/opcache.installation.php
and http://massivescale.blogspot.de/2013/06/php-55-zend-optimiser-opcache-vs-xcache.html
Han JiHoon, 12.01.2014 18:33
Is it already loaded in?
admin, 13.01.2014 03:26
Yes it is.
But you have to activate/load the extension (see above).
Han JiHoon, 13.01.2014 06:37
I followed "zend_extension=opcache.so" but says 500 internal server error
admin, 13.01.2014 08:12
'php -i | grep opcache' works.
If you add 'opcache.error_log=/var/log/lighttpd/opcache.log' in your php.ini, the log file will show you what is happend. A problem with shared memory allocation... I have to check that...
Han JiHoon, 20.01.2014 10:24
opcache has deleted?!
admin, 20.01.2014 22:08
Yes I have. I don't have time to find the problem. So I deleted it.
Do you have use the extension successfully?
If that's the case, I'll embed it again.
admin, 03.08.2014 00:50
OPcache was reactivated in PHP version 5.5.15
steven, 31.12.2013 22:18
how can i use zend gauard loader with this?
admin, 24.12.2013 00:12
iOS 7:
I'm on vacation. Therefore I can only perform the jailbreak early January 2014.
Please share your experience or stay in touch to see what is happen with iOS Web Stack and iOS 7.

admin, 08.01.2014 23:43
I tested iOS-WebStack with jailbroken iOS 7.04 and 7.1beta2. It works well!

passerby, 04.12.2013 20:28
I want to run python & mysql on my ipad, but I can't easy_install mysql-python. It says:

cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-arch" error: Setup script exited with error: command '/usr/bin/arm-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.2.1' failed with exit status 1
admin, 07.12.2013 23:12
It looks like that your GCC compiler for iOS does not support the '-arch' option.
passerby, 09.12.2013 18:51
Do you know how to solve this problem? Thanks.
admin, 12.12.2013 23:41
I don't know anything about the python packages and their build process. Sorry.
efx, 26.11.2013 09:58
I feel stupid, I deleted the root user on localhost and I can't anymore access to mysql.
How I can reset the database ? I tried to delete and re:install but it keep the users table intact.
admin, 26.11.2013 23:02
Please have a look at https://code.google.com/p/cydia-ios-lighttpd-php-mysql-web-stack/wiki/MySQL#Usage

One more:
You will find all the ATV2 database files here: /var/mysql
But I think you need root permissions to delete them.

Wish you luck!
Alex, 11.10.2013 12:20
Thanks very much for your effort, absolutely must have product for web developers! Now my ipad 1 converted from vegetable cutting board to a real development server!
Matt, 29.09.2013 04:00
very useful indeed, although I am looking for a Gopher Server for this mobile OS
Jerry Udensi, 28.09.2013 23:18
Hi there ! I'm using the lighttpd-... For iPad ! It's works just fine (except for "require_once") and I just downloaded the google appengine PHP sdk but it won't work ...I keep gettin errors
admin, 29.09.2013 21:15
Hi Jerry,

I tested 'require_once' with my latest PHP 5.4.19 and it works very well.
Are you sure that you have problems with PHP? Or could it be that you have trouble with the google app engine PHP sdk or e.g. with your installed python?
See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17076200/php-gae-not-able-to-run-sdk-locally
Tristan, 08.09.2013 15:59
Hi, saw your piece about imap! When My notebook is repaired I am going to try it out looks promissing, I already got postfix runnng on my atv2 using


(in the comments is the missing piece of info)

admin, 08.09.2013 19:26
Thanks for the information.
I will try a postfix test installation. But I have concerns to use a full featured MTA.
If I or the end user do some think wrong, the iOS device is a perfect target to send SPAM mails.
This is the reason why I have not communicated the information about E-MailRelay (it is just a mail proxy server).

A private MTA is a very dangerous thing. But due to the NSA scandal I/you have probably no choice...
Everyone has this decide for yourself...

Mark, 16.08.2013 17:40
Is it possible to use htaccess with this webstack? I'm trying to use mod rewrite but cannot seem to make it work?!

admin, 17.08.2013 01:24
Sorry, .htaccess does not work with Lighttpd.

Please have a look at http://redmine.lighttpd.net/projects/lighttpd2/wiki/Mod_rewrite .
Additional please search with e.g. Google for the name of your PHP Web-Project, for Lighttpd and for rewrite.
Mark, 23.06.2013 20:58
Installed fine on my iPad mini however when moving a file called say index.php to the var/www/ directory and using safari to browse to localhost/index.php I get a 404 page not found error, this could be permissions but I'm unsure.

Also when trying to install on my 4S from Cydia I get a 503 error - server unavailable. I know this is due to heavy server load so was wondering if there was another repo I can install from

Many thanks
admin, 23.06.2013 23:07
A little bit less information. Please give me some more details.
1) What kind of package do you have installed, ios-lighttpd-php-mysql, touch-lighttpd-php-mysql or just lighttpd-atv?
2) What about the error logs in /var/log/lighttpd ?
3) What do you get if you type only http://localhost in your browser?

Please have a look at http://ios-webstack.tk/install or

I am aware about the problem of availability. Some times dot.tk has a DNS problem.
Tristan, 22.06.2013 15:35
I am trying to make the cross compile toolchain and just want to mention that the link provided for the sdk does not work correctly (gives session expired error in safari):
A replacement link:


Btw: A draft version of some of my findings installing the AppleTV2, including cydia sources and possible packages to install... Still an very early draft. But maybe helpful for others.


I still currently struggling with setting up postfix...
Tristan, 22.06.2013 15:42
I am also wondering if anybody got instructions how to use the iOS windows server. (e.g. for example how to run xeyes).

apt-get install xeyes

admin, 22.06.2013 23:43
Thanks for the correct DMG link.
I fixed it in https://code.google.com/p/cydia-ios-lighttpd-php-mysql-web-stack/wiki/CrossCompiler
Tristan, 18.06.2013 15:38
Is it possible to get awstats instead of web analyzer extended?
admin, 19.06.2013 18:21
Because AWSTATS is a Perl script collection and I do not distribute any Perl install packages, I don't will create an AWSTATS script package for an unknown Perl-Interpreter (regarding dependency problems). Sorry.

But I think it is very easy to use AWSTATS with iOS WebStack.
1) Install Perl for iOS from http://coredev.nl
2) follow the instruction from http://benr75.com/pages/lighttpd_awstats_tutorial
3) Have statistic fun :-)

Please let us know if you are successful.
Tristan, 20.06.2013 16:38
1) Downloaded it.. (I used http://cydia.radare.org/debs/ it happens with apt-get ... :-)
2) Followed the instructions... still no sure about subdomains how that works so I used another port!
3) Yep... :-)

Tristan, 21.06.2013 23:51
To install the Missing perl geo::ip

as root

cd ~
git clone http://github.com/maxmind/geoip-api-perl.git
perl Makefile.PL PP=1
make test
make install
admin, 22.06.2013 02:06
kerem, 30.05.2013 22:49
i installed web-stack and perl from coredev.nl source.i want to install DBD::mysql bundle for perl but i couldnt do that.what can i install DBD::mysql?
admin, 01.06.2013 03:41
I am not familiar with perl. Therefore, I do not know exactly what your problem is.
Please send me an email (see footer) with an exact problem description and all necessary compiler/linker error messages.
Vlad, 20.05.2013 19:33
Could you make a small tutorial on how to set up a self signed certificate that works with iOS WebStack?
admin, 20.05.2013 23:56
chubrick, 20.05.2013 16:38
I installed ios-lighttpd-php-mysql on ipad 3 ios 5.1.1, but it doesn't work :(
localhost/ doesn't find (hosts is ok). Any logs doesn't exist (but I've done chown daemon:_www /var/www -R and chown daemon:_www /var/log/lighttpd -R). In terminal I have error:

~ lighttpd

dyld: Library not loaded: usr/lib/libpcre.1.dylib
Referenced from: /usr/sbin/lighttpd
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap: 5

How can I solve this problem?
lighttpd and mySql is started into settings. Restarting not help :(
And sorry for my english
admin, 21.05.2013 00:01
I don't know what is going on there :-( but please try to reinstall/update the cydia package "PCRE".
MySQL I am, 25.04.2013 05:36
I've observed that your latest release doesn't provide support for openssl because the 'Have OpenSSL" parameter is set to 'No'.

Will you provide a distribution that supports SSL connections?

Thank you so much for your time.
admin, 26.04.2013 20:26
I try to integrate the SSL support for MySQL. But you have to test it for us.
Please send me an email (see footer).
admin, 26.05.2013 21:50
Please update your cydia packages.
test8.6.77.216, 21.04.2013 23:48
Yes your mysql server package starts and runs on perfectly on my iPad 5.

However, I'm still seeing the "Instruction: 4" error when attempting to login to my mysql server from command line.
Can you post the mysql client that doesn't give this error?

Thanks tons :)
admin, 22.04.2013 00:46
Yes, I can.
Wait a few days and I you will get the new MySQL version 5.1.69 .
The update will include the runable client 'mysql'.
admin, 22.04.2013 20:22
Please update your cydia packages.
MySQL FAN, 23.04.2013 05:48
Thank you! The latest package works perfectly :) mysql client is awesome. Thanks, again! I'm voting for u for president.
test84.29.54.206, 21.04.2013 17:07
Could you please include the php PCNTL extension? I need it for a project.
admin, 22.04.2013 00:49
I can try to integrade the extension. Let me check that...
admin, 22.04.2013 02:00
Please send me an email. You can find my in the footer.
Then I can send an alpha version of 'pcntl.so' for PHP54 to you.
Tom Peeters, 22.04.2013 13:42
I sent you an email.
admin, 26.05.2013 15:15
The PCNTL extension is included from now.
test176.37.11.184, 05.04.2013 05:46
Are you able to port Apache to iOS?

Thanks for the awesome package! :P
admin, 06.04.2013 03:20
Thank you.

I tried to build Apache, but I failed because of library dependencies (e.g. newest libapr ).
Not many developer packages of the big repo provider are really up to date (APR, PCRE, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, etc. and most libraries... ). I am not able to build all the needed packages. If Sauriks would update all of its older packages and would he add some new one, yes then ...

The main problem is: There is no centrally administered and maintained distribution for cydia system packages.
(It's not Debian, it's Cydia ;-)
Pluda, 28.03.2013 19:39

first thanks for this package, really good we can have php running on our devices.
my problem, I allways get an "failed to open stream: Permition denied on ..." using one php fopen("file.txt", "w");
do you have any idea on why does this happen? This used to work on my old lighttpd instalation...


Pluda, 28.03.2013 23:21
Hello again,

ok, I've notice that you say /var/www/ owner must be daemon:_www.
question is How do I do that?
sorry if it is to obvious...


admin, 29.03.2013 00:04
If you want to change the permission of /var/www and all included files in it, you have to use following command:
chown daemon:_www /var/www -R

If you just want change the permission of a special file you have to use following command:
chown daemon:_www filename

See: http://linux.die.net/man/1/chown
Pluda, 29.03.2013 13:00
hello, thanks for reply

it didn't work, i get " operation not permited "
i'm trying this on ios 6.1.2

Pluda, 29.03.2013 13:51
Got it working, I was missing entering my root password, after that your chown daemon:_www /var/www -R worked perfectly!


arifin, 24.03.2013 05:36
I installed phpmyadmin phpmyadmin atv in cydia that, once I get into http://localhost/phpmyadmin I could not get phpmyadmin, for the user password is what? I've adjusted to the root alpine not enter.

thank you
admin, 24.03.2013 14:30
After the installation of mysql-atv there is no initial password for the MySQL 'root' user.

The default configuration of phpMyAdmin does not accept a 'root user' login without a password.
This means you have to change the phpMyAdmin config file or you have to set the MySQL root password with the following consol command:

But the better way is to follow the instruction you will find at http://localhost/index.html .
With the tool Adminer you can setup the MySQL databse and the MySQL root password.

Please see http://ios-webstack.tk/install#setup_mysql

Remember: If you don't use phpMyAdmin anymore, uninstall it as fast as you can.
It is a unsafe tool. Hacker will love your device.
Blub, 22.03.2013 21:30
Hi, thanks for the work you've done!

How do I change the root password? I try to logging as root on localhost but it keeps saying there is no such file or directory, what am I doing wrong?
Blub, 22.03.2013 21:42
Edit: I just needed to reboot!
anonymous, 03.03.2013 13:38
struggle witth illegal instruction: 4 on iphone 5 with ios 6.1.

are there any news? how could the problem solved?
admin, 03.03.2013 16:49
The 'illegal instruction: 4' problem is solved for the packages atv-lighttpd-php-mysql and ios-lighttpd-php-mysql .
See https://code.google.com/p/iphone-gcc-full/issues/detail?id=6#c15

If you use the package touch-lighttpd-php-mysql you have to ask the was.fm team to fix the com.was.mysql package.

Or fix it yourself:
Nite, 26.02.2013 23:47
Sorry I forgot to switch it on in settings^^

Everything works!

Thank you twice!
Nite, 26.02.2013 23:39
At first thank you! You make a good deal!

But unfortunetly I did something wrong and can't run it.

The problem with mysql. I can't create db (adminer writes: "No such file or directory" -//- terminal writes: "ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)" ).

What I deed wrong and how to fix it?

Sorry 4 my poor English
D'angelo, 25.02.2013 12:54
Thx wodka great!
Onze question. How can i make IT online so that people Can acces My site with My ip?
admin, 25.02.2013 19:55
It depends on your network structure/topology. Is it Wifi/LAN/3G/Router/Cablemodem etc. ?
The best way to find a solution is to place your question in a local network forum.
It is a better place than this one.
D'angelo, 25.02.2013 19:58
IT is à 3G connection. I only need to know how to set My site on trough opening some kind of port/option
admin, 25.02.2013 20:18
SSH in your iOS device and type in ' ifconfig '. Here you get your IP address.
Your local (I don't know where you stay) mobile phone provider must be open the port '80' for the HTTP protocol.
Your iOS Device (I don't know what kind do you have) already have open this port.
Sorry, but that's all I can do for you.
Etienne F, 23.02.2013 08:23
Update working like a charm! Thanks so much for your work!

Got it working after turning off/on my device, right after installation.
Bruno, 19.02.2013 16:34
Very nice work you've done here... I almost didn't believe I had a web server running on my iPhone 4. You have no idea how useful this can be.

Thank you very much for it.

Waiting anxiously for the day when I'm gonna be able to use the webstack on my iPad 4.
admin, 19.02.2013 23:20
You are welcome.
You'll be amazed how fast the iPad 4 is. I'll be done with my tests in 2 or 3 days :-)
admin, 23.02.2013 00:43
iPad 4 and iPhone 5 update done.
karl, 06.02.2013 03:43
i just jail broke my iPad 4, but lighttpd and mysql won't start. something about "illegal instruction 4" when starting lighttpd. i'm using iOS 6.1, this could be a bug.
admin, 06.02.2013 19:37
Bad news :-(

On iPhone4 iOS 6.1 and on iPad2 iOS 6.1 the WebStack runs well.
On iPhone5 iOS 6.1 there is also a "illegal instruction 4" problem.

It seems it is an Apple A6/A6X Chip problem.

Please try the command /usr/local/bin/mysql
1) Let me know if this program also has the same "illegal instruction 4" problem.
2) Remove all installed packages from ios-webstack.tk/cydia and try to install the BigBoss package "touch-lighttpd-pgp-mysql". This packages use an other version of 'MySQL' and an other older version of 'Lighttpd'
3) Let me know what happens.
Karl, 07.02.2013 05:06
the touch-lighttpd-php-mysql package had the same results :(.

I'm stuck with the older version of PHP 5.2 without mysql, zip, xslt, etc support. SQLite3 works with PDO, but not SQLite3 class.
admin, 04.03.2013 01:22
The 'illegal instruction: 4' problem is solved for the packages atv-lighttpd-php-mysql and ios-lighttpd-php-mysql.
Rich G, 04.02.2013 01:00
I seem to be having a problem with mysql. What is the root user's password?
admin, 04.02.2013 23:07
After the installation of MySQL there is no root password. It is unset.
If you use Google-Chrome on your iOS Device, please try it again with Safari.

Otherwise you can delete and reinit your whole MySQL Database:
1) SSH in your iOS Device
2) remove the MySQL database files with: ' rm /var/mysql -R '
3) kill and restart your MySQL Server (on AppleTV with: ' killall mysqld '. It will restart automatically)
4) reinstall the datebase files with: ' mysql_install_db --user=daemon '
5) Clean up the MySQL Database and set the root password: ' /usr/local/bin/mysql_secure_installation '
6) remember your root password :-)
Alex, 20.01.2013 09:48
Hello. Can't install this application on my iPad. Cydia tells me there is not the freetype2-atv lib in your repo. Maybe I can find it in another place? Help me please.
admin, 20.01.2013 15:01
I have fixed it.
Ahmad Manouchehri, 12.01.2013 13:37
I dont believe i can have all of my PHP applications on my ipad.
you're making my dream real.
Thank you very much
you're the legend of iOS lover PHP developers...

sorry for my poor english
Thank you again :)
test83.43.221.24, 07.01.2013 10:04
Thankyou very, very much for this development,

I've installed Wordpress 3.5 and Joomla 2.5.8 from scrahtch in my iPad 1 (iOS 4.2.1), downlowded the files from the wordpress & joomla webs, and followed installation steps in Safari (also created the databases trhough phpMyAdmin).

It works perfectrly, I mirrored a website of mine, made in Joomla 2.5 with som plugins (Akeeba backup, Phoca gallery, nivo slideshow and jck accordion menu), I copied the database and it works!!!, now I'm able to use the iPad as a Web development benchmark, thankyou so much!!!

I had previosuly installed the Lighttpd from Cydia and the ios-webstack installation did not work (web server didn't work) maybe some conflict... I reinstalled Lighttp, installed MySQL and phpMyAdmin and PHP5.3 from iOS web stack and it worked!! (I don't mind starting mySql from a shell)

Thankyou again!
admin, 07.01.2013 14:29

Yes, packages from Saurik and BigBoss could produce dependency conflicts with most of my packages. Sauriks very old and unmaintained server binary and library packages have some security vulnerabilities.
You should not really use these in a server mode!
Furthermore, because of configuration files and different pathes the installation aborted. This is intent from me.
Only that allowed me to create a harmonious and most secure software composition which consists of several components.

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